"Robert, thanks so much for all the edits you made. Your insight is invaluable. You did so many subtle things that I would never think of. They really make things sound better."

Colin O'Malley
Composer, arranger and orchestrator

"Many thanks for your commitment to the editing of my songbook. I received far more help than I realized was needed. Your comments were respectful, generous and emerged from a solid knowledge of the way music notation needs to appear on the page. Your work was altogether efficient, fast, and yet careful. I was very impressed with your ability to note inconsistencies, not only in the notation formatting but also in managing to work with an unfamiliar transliterated Hebrew text. I would highly recommend you for this work, and hope to have other opportunities to work with you."

Margalit Jakob
Musician, writer, and creative therapist

"You do excellent and beautiful work. It's such a thrill as composer to see music of mine move from a bunch of ink scratchings to images that justify publishing for the public. It's only when music is published in a clear and reasonably definitive version that its merit (or lack thereof) can be assessed in terms of its usefulness. It lives or dies, beginning at that point. No more, no less."

Peter R. Hallock
Composer, Ionian Arts

Dr. Hallock's three-year cycle of psalm settings for choir with congregational antiphons is the most popular Psalter in common use in both the Episcopal and Lutheran denominations in the United States.

"Thanks for your gorgeous work on the orchestrations for "The Streisand Songbook."  I am very inspired by what has been created and I know audiences are going to be moved and delighted by this show thanks to your efforts!"

Ann Hampton Callaway
American Diva

"You are certainly a professional both in the quality of the work that you produce as well as in the interpersonal relationships and rapport that you build with your clients. Thank-you for this completed project that has once again surpassed our expectations."

Jim & Donna Martens
Edmonton Orchestra

"Thank you very much for creating the score for use in our Young Peoples Concerts. We really appreciated your thorough attention to detail, quick response time, and willingness to work within our budget. "

Fusao Kajima
Music Director, Bellevue Philharmonic

"I live a fairly hectic life, so when I need help, I tend to need competent help right at that moment… a service like yours is invaluable to me. You’re professional, competent and pleasant. Can’t beat it.

James Allen "Jim" Johnston
Music Director & Composer, WWE Music Group

"I just wanted to write briefly to tell you what a great job you did for us! All aspects were outstanding. I am recommending RPM to anyone who will listen. I look forward to working again with you at the next opportunity."

Jerry Cleveland
Musical Arranger, Keyboardist and Producer, Jerry Cleveland Music

"I just wanted to say a personal thanks to you and your team. The score preparation for "Guys and Dolls" and "Gypsy" was, as always, right on schedule and wonderfully accurate. Though our work always needs to be done quickly, I have confidence that, with you doing the job, our orchestra rehearsals will go smoothly. I’m sure we’ll be calling you again. "

Sterling Tinsley
Orchestra Manager, The 5th Avenue Theatre
"Robert Puff recently engraved my new orchestration of the recently published piano score of Diane Overture by Claude Debussy.  I had written out the entire score by hand and had to have it printed with a relatively short time before the first rehearsal.  Not only did Robert do a terrific job with the materials but was a thorough editor as well.  I have had several works engraved for performance with orchestra but this is by far the best experience I have ever had.  It was a total and absolute pleasure to work with Robert and I look forward to many future collaborations.  He is one of the best of the best!"

Emil de Cou
Music Director, Pacific Northwest Ballet
Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra (DC) at Wolf Trap
Music Director, Virginia Chamber Orchestra

"I just wanted to let you know what a great pleasure it was working with you. You cut my stress level in half, and the end musical result is much better because of your efficiency and attention to detail. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the near future, and best of luck with all of your upcoming projects."

Colin O'Malley
Composer, Imaginary Frontier

"Robert - You are an excellent copyist, bar none. My old 1968 - 1995 hand written copyists would turn over in their graves upon seeing such beautiful work!"

Richard Hieronymus
Composer, Arranger

"The instrumental / vocal scores for our new children’s musical, "Land of the Lost and Found" are GREAT.  Instead of simple piano reductions, you've created sparkling arrangements that truly capture the spirit and style of each song. For groups performing with live music, these arrangements are going to make an incredible difference.

We appreciate you being such a supportive partner in making the final product the best it can possibly be. When we embark on our next song projects, your company will be at the top of our list. "

Kim Ingram
Open Heart Musicals

"... the work was impeccable. No mistakes, and it looked great. I appreciate that you were on a brutal schedule and I'm grateful that it came off without a hitch. I'll spread the word."

Irwin Fisch
Composer - The Hallmark Channel Network Identity

"Robert - I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I purchased the Cinesamples Cinescore template you developed with them and they are quite beautiful and inspirational.  Beautiful work!"

Andrew Graham

"Sending warm thanks for all your excellent preparations for my L.O. concert premiere. There were absolutely no issues with the parts / score and all rehearsal time was spent on making the music. Thank you SO much for your expertise and looking forward to working with you again."

Rachel Grimes