the approach to St. Thomas




St. Thomas The Apostle Seminary

In the late 1920s, Bishop O'Dea, Bishop of the Archdiocese of Seattle, donated this property to the Diocese of Seattle for use as a seminary by the Sulpician Order of Catholic Priests. In 1931, St. Edward Seminary was constructed.

In 1958 construction of Saint Thomas Seminary was completed and its doors opened to educate theology and collegiate students.

Groundbreaking Ceremony
August 15, 1956

Blessing of the Cornerstone
October 17, 1956

A Message from the Architect
J.W. Maloney, A.I.A. - photo
April 14, 1959


Construction Photo
April 1, 1957

Construction Photo
June 30, 1957

Construction Photo
August 30, 1957

Construction Photo
December 30, 1957

Official Opening Day
September 8, 1958
the Feast of the Nativity of Mary

First Community Mass
September 12, 1958
the feast of the Holy Name of Mary

Photo of Letter from Domenico Cardinal Tardini to Archbishop Thomas A. Connolly commemorating the completion of St. Thomas Center dated March 6, 1959


In the fall of 1977, because of declining enrollment and changes in the education of seminarians, the Diocese of Seattle sold 316 acres, including St. Edward Seminary, to the State of Washington for use as a state park. The Diocese retained 50 acres and St. Thomas Seminary.

In April 1978, the property was dedicated and named Saint Edward State Park. In June 1978, the grounds were opened to the public through an appropriation from the Governor's Emergency Fund.

In 1996, after leasing the 51 acres of St. Thomas Seminary property for a period, Bastyr University purchased the property from the Catholic Archdiocese.

Seminary and Surrounding Grounds
Artist Painting

The Seminary Entrance
1959 Photo


Interior of the Sanctuary Chapel
Artist Painting


Interior of the Sanctuary Chapel
Photo from 1997 Film Scoring Session 1

Interior of the Sanctuary Chapel
Photo from Film Scoring Session 2

The Rector of St. Thomas
John R. Sullivan - photo

Rev. Sullivan

The Chapel Architect
Ralph O. Lund - photo